What is involved in teeth whitening, and is it safe? 

Bleaching involves applying a peroxide based chemical against your teeth which basically removes impurities and extrinsic stains making the teeth appear whiter. It is safe when used correctly and does not affect the strength of the teeth.  The major side effect though is that it increases the sensitivity of the teeth.

Is it bleaching my teeth, and are those chemicals safe etc? 

The bleach helps remove the impurities and breaks down the stains making the teeth look whiter.  The chemicals are peroxide based and are either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. They can cause trauma to the soft tissue if not used correctly but do not damage the teeth.

What is my time commitment when doing teeth whitening? Do I need to keep coming back for follow up treatments? 

For carbide peroxide you need at least 4 hours a day but preferably overnight for 7 days straight to achieve your base colour/the best colour you will achieve.  Then you will need to do 1-2 days of bleaching at least 3-6 months if you want to maintain it.  If you do not do this you will need to do a 7-day course again to achieve your base colour. The same applies for the hydrogen peroxide but you only need to apply the gel for 1 hour a day and not 4 hours a day, but it does lead to more sensitive teeth.

What are the costs involved with teeth whitening? 

The cost can range from $160 for a simple 10 day course without custom trays to $550 which is where we make custom trays and provide the necessary bleach material.  If you then want to continue I am happy to give you some bleach at every 6 month recall if you maintain your 6 month recall.

Will I get anything back on my Private Health Insurance?

Most health funds do not rebate on these item numbers but we can give you the item numbers and then you can check with your private health insurance.