At Hobart Family Dental regular evaluations are not just about having your teeth checked but a full comprehensive check of your head and neck region including the following services.

We ensure to check for early signs of any skin lesions or soft tissue lesions within the mouth.

We check for any troubles with your Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

This allows us to identify pathology early and treat with minimally invasive techniques or refer if needed to give you the best possible treatment.

We check for any decay associated with the teeth through a thorough clinical exam and the help of regular radiographs.

Where needed we will use specialized instruments to provide a professional cleaning of the teeth.  Removing any calculus/plaque and stains that may have accumulated since your last visit.

These instruments include hand and ultrasonic scalers which remove the calculus. We then use a special handpiece which polishes the tooth removing the remaining plaque and biofilm. Where needed we may use an air abrasion to help remove extrinsic stains.

A great emphasis for us is education. We have numerous aids to help educate you and your family on the best way to reach and maintain optimal oral health care between your regular examinations at Hobart Family Dental. These include the use of demonstration models, explaining the correct brushing technique and how to use the necessary aids like floss and interdental brushes.