This simple piece of equipment cannot only save your teeth from potential damage but help protect you from serious neck injury and concussion.

There have been studies showing that a mouthguard acts as a shock absorber and so helps cushioning the blow to the head and neck region.

You can purchase a prefabricated mouthguard from certain shops but often the fit is not optimal and therefore most people find them uncomfortable and ultimately do not wear them.

The custom-made mouthguards overcome this by constructing the mouthguard off a cast model of your teeth.  We achieve this by taking a simple impression of your teeth with Aliginate before sending it off to the lab to construct the mouthguard.

The advantage of the custom mouthguards is that they come in numerous colours so especially the children like to choose their favourite colour.

Their fit is also superior ensuring the mouthguard stays in place allowing the patient to breathe more easily and talk with the mouthguard in place.

If you take good care of your mouthguard it should last you two seasons before it is recommended to have it replaced to ensure the best possible protection. Unfortunately depending on your children’s age, they will most probably need a new mouthguard every season as they lose their primary teeth and as they grow.