Unfortunately, in some cases we are unable to restore or save a tooth and need to do an extraction. This is often a scary option for many patients but at Hobart Family Dental we strive to do it in the least traumatic way with as little discomfort as possible.

Once we have confirmed with appropriate diagnostic tests and radiographs that the tooth cannot be retained we will discuss the necessary procedure on how we will remove the tooth.

We always strive to ensure that the procedure will be pain free by using the necessary anaesthetics in a calm environment. From there we have specific instruments designed to help us remove the tooth by loosening the tooth from the bone before we remove the tooth with specially designed forceps.

In certain cases we will not be able to remove the tooth and will require the help from an Oral surgeon which we will organise the referral for. This is often the case when it comes to wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth often present a problem around the age of 16-21 requiring extraction as there is not enough space for the teeth to erupt. We make use of a radiograph by the name of an OPG which gives us a view of all the teeth and surrounding anatomy allowing us to see if we can extract the teeth or need to refer to the Oral Surgeon.