This is the most important procedure of our dentists at Hobart Family Dental. This allows us to restore any damaged part of the tooth and so hopefully prevent any future major dental work. The reasons for a filling/restoration can range from decay due to bacteria or loss of tooth structure due to trauma.

We strive to do all our restorations pain-free with the help of Local Anaesthetics and we definitely always use numbing paste before administrating Local Anaesthetic.

We do not use any Amalgam at Hobart Family Dental and strive to only use materials which meet all the Therapeutic Goods Administration standards. We have a wide variety of colours always trying to ensure we can match the restoration/filling as best as we can to your natural tooth. Ensuring the best possible aesthetical outcome at all times.

Where possible we try and use Rubber Dam. This is a piece of dental equipment which allows us to isolate the tooth we are working on and create the ideal environment into which the restoration material can be placed.