I do not like the way my teeth look, or can I improve the colour of my teeth? Are two of the most asked questions we hear when people come in to see us. At Hobart Family Dental we strive to stay up to date and offer the latest in techniques and materials which can hopefully help everyone to achieve the ideal smile.

We offer take home bleaching options including single-use stock trays allowing you to try and see if it will give you the required effect. For those that are looking for a more long-term treatment option, we can construct customised trays which will be able to be used for the rest of your life as long as there are no significant changes.

For more complicated cases we may need to use more invasive treatment options including veneers, crowns, bridges and implants. This requires comprehensive treatment planning with the help of clinical photos and study models. This is very important to us at Hobart Family Dental as we need to ensure we manage your expectations and produce not only an aesthetical result but one that functions with limited complications.